Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How do use design files

How to use design files:
If you are planning to purchase one of my design files please read everything before purchasing. Especially if you are purchasing a DXF file! Thank you! Jill

WPC File:

HOW TO OPEN WPC - After you purchase a file I will send you an email with the files attached. I recommend saving this email for future use. Then click on the WPC file that you want and download click open to open directly into Pazzles ( I usually have my pazzles software already opened to make it load right up) or you can save for later use.

Delete text: I usually will write some instructions down on the file, make sure to delete these before cutting your image or it will cut out too.

PDF files:

IMPORTANT - You HAVE to have the Adobe Reader program to use PDF files. You can download the latest version for free here...

A PDF is a way to get paper piecings without a cutting machine. Just print it out on colored cardstock and cut

Putting paper piecings together with a PDF: to make it easier, all of the pieces are separated into different pages in the file so you are able to create the piecing with all the different colors needed. You will have to take the time to change out the color of cardstock in your printer after each print to get all the proper colors you want to complete the paper piecing.

ToolS: To help cut out small areas use an exacto-knife, hole punch or cropadile

DXF files for Silhouette:
I do not not own and have never used the Sillouette, but Kate gave me these instuctions

HOW TO USE DXF: First Save the DXF when you receive it in your email, THEN open it up in Robo Master by going to File> Load DXF. The file might open very small so if you follow the RESIZING instructions, it will work perfectly!

RESIZING - Make sure to select all (CTRL A) of the design so you resize EVERYTHING at the same time. Everything needs to be resized TOGETHER so when you cut it out, ALL the pieces will still fit together perfectly! :)

DELETE UNWANTED TEXT - Remember to delete any added instructions or extra writting BEFORE you begin to cut. They will cut out if you don't!!
**The WPC files I have created are meant to be used with the Pazzles Inspiration machine so if you have a different machine such as Silhouette or Wishblade (Craft Robo), etc., you would have to check with your machines software to make sure it accepts WPC or DXF. Thanks for your understanding!

DXF files for Wishblade (aka CraftRobo):

I do NOT have a Wishblade, ! These are the instructions on what I was told:

HOW TO USE DXF: First Save the DXF when I send it to you in email THEN open it up in Craft Robo. You will have to convert the DXF into a cuttable file to use with your Wishblade.

NOTICE: All of cut files were designed by me for personal use. I do not mind if you sell the product you made with it but please do not sell or give away the file.

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